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Fleas, when found in the home, are nearly always found in association with dogs or cats. A majority of the time, cats or dogs that wander the neighborhood pick up fleas and bring them home. This initiates the flea life cycle inside the house or establishment. Flea infestations are possible any time of the year, but are most common during the warmer months. Regular vacuuming and pet grooming can help control these pests if the problem is minor. However, with heavy infestations, treating both the pets and floor surfaces of the home can be necessary for complete eradication of the fleas.

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We use "greener" or less toxic products as well as non-chemical techniques while still maintaining excellent control of the target pest, in this case, Fleas!

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The fleas were eating us alive. All Green Pest Control treated our carpet and dog and we had instant relief. I wish we had called them first. All Green charged us less than we had already spent on do-it-yourself products that didn't even work! Don't even waste your time with stuff from the home stores. All Green did it more effectively for less $$.
Sylvia - University Place

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