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Bees, Wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets are beneficial out in the natural world, but become a dangerous nuisance when they nest in and around the home. The nests, most often encountered in the summer and early fall months, can be found almost anywhere. Common nesting sites in residential areas include attics, crawl spaces, wall voids, under the eaves, in trees/bushes, and underground. These insects can sting multiple times and will aggressively guard their nests if provoked. Many times, wearing a bee suit is necessary to get close enough to eradicate these nests safely.

It is recommended that homeowners not cover exterior entrance/exit holes where bees, wasps, hornets, or yellowjackets reside in the wall since the insect may respond by creating another hole into the interior and react aggressively.

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We are licensed, bonded, insured, and members of the Washington State Pest Mana gement Association and the National Pest Management Association. Our Washington State contractor license number (ALLGRGP927DJ) can be verified here.

Member of the Washington State Pest Management Association Member of the National Pest Management Association

We use "greener" or less toxic products as well as non-chemical techniques while still maintaining excellent control of the target pest, in this case, stinging insects!

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Customer Testimonial
We had yellowjackets invading our house. We couldn't figure out where they were coming from so we called All Green Pest Control. Dave found where they were coming from and plugged up the hole. He then killed the nest from outside the house. We were glad that we didn't tackle this problem ourselves. He had a bee-suit on and the yellowjackets were all over him. Be safe and don't tackle the big yellowjacket nests yourself. I had called several companies and All Green Pest Control took care of it for the lowest price

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